Ignite Your Brand!

Authentic Images Fuel Powerful Connections.

Is Personal Brand Photography for YOU?

Personal Brand Photography

Ignite Your Brand!

Authentic Images Fuel Powerful Connections.

Is Personal Brand Photography for YOU?

Personal Brand Photography

Ignite Your Brand!

Authentic Images Fuel Powerful Connections.

Is Personal Brand Photography for YOU?

Personal Brand Photography

What if you had a library of photos featuring you at your best that made people stop scrolling?

What if, when you scheduled your social media, you had a fresh, on-brand image for every post?

What if your photographer once worked with executives of companies like Audi and Lands' End, and can create visuals that will make your audience lean in to hear more?

People follow and buy from those they like and trust.

Think about it:  I bet you'd rather hire someone you can already imagine having a working relationship with over a random company you found on Google yesterday afternoon.

This is where personal brand photography comes in!

"What I valued most about my experience was that Terri was flexible and open to ideas!"

Grace Anderson, Cellist

Let the real you shine through all that you do.

Your words matter and so do your pictures!

Mom looking over her shoulder

You're not just another business.  Your personal journey plays a huge role in propelling your work.  Whether a life change sparked a passion, or you changed careers to become a mom and reinvent yourself, your story is central to your work and how you sell it.

Your followers need to know enough about that story to be able to retell it, and sense a bit of what you're like when you're not on the job.  When they know what you're about and can feel your passion and concern coming from each gorgeous post, they'll keep coming back and want to be a part of what you're building.

You've got a business to run, though. Let me help you create the images you need in a single day.

You don't need another task, you need a partner in photography who understands you and how to make images that will get your ideal follower to stop scrolling.

Together, we'll map out your story and tell it visually.  We will show who you are and what's important to you in a series of consistent images.  You can finally ditch the grab-bag of old headshots and selfies and show who you really are, post by post, in a way that brings people back to you for whatever you're serving up next.

Laughing while Scrolling

What You Can Expect...

Creative Partnership

Where you control the messaging and I bring ideas that make yours even better

Respect for Your Time

Focus on results with effective use of our time together, quick execution and on-time delivery

Files You Can Use

Digital files cropped, formatted and ready to use where you need them and when you need them

Commercial Usage

Simple and clear commercial rights to your images --
no watermarks here

Why Am I the Right Person to Help You?

I am not another photographer who stumbled into working with business owners.  I spent 18 years as an advertising strategist helping executives at top-tier brands like Audi, Lands' End, and BP/Amoco shape their messages.  I also have a master's degree in Radio, TV, and Film.  That means I can understand quickly who you're trying to reach, and I have experience and tools to help you cut through the clutter.

I started my photography business not long after I left advertising so I could leave more time for the work of being a mom.  If being a parent is part of your brand, I know what you're up against.  Running a small business myself, I understand how busy you are and how isolated you can become - and how relieving it is to bring on a qualified helper who "gets it."

Living the challenges of being a mom while running a brand, I relate to how deeply your kids can be a part of your story, even your brand story.  While I work with all kinds of business owners near to Winston-Salem, NC and far, I have a flair for helping entrepreneurs who are also moms incorporate their family into their visual story with the right tone.

~ Terri Burke

Thanks to Claudia Page for Photo!
Thanks to Claudia Page for Photo!
"It was easy to work with Terri. I appreciated how organized she is and purpose-driven."

Lawren Desai, Film Curator

StoryBrand Session Packages!

All packages are based on a quarterly session with an annual contract.

If an annual contract doesn't work for you, ask about single session opportunities.


  • All images
  • Unlimited stories
  • Full day coverage


"Every Day"

  • 90 images
  • Up to 5 stories
  • Est. 4-6 hours



  • 60 images
  • Up to 3 stories
  • Est. 2-4 hours


Have questions? Let me see if I can guess:

Yes, even though I once worked with big companies I'm not going to expect you to be one.  You might squeeze work around school hours and soccer practice, and that's great.  Personal brand photography is still for you.  Your experiences influence your message and mission, and we focus on communicating those.

Yes, I deliver on time.  You've got a business to run, no time or money to waste.  We make an agreement, I fulfill my end, and you walk away happy.  I have a Joy Guarantee - if you don't love your images we will work together to find the right solution.

Yes, I can pre-crop your images to size for social media.  Like I said - you have no time to waste!  You'll let me know in advance where they'll be going and I'll deliver ready-to-post digital assets.

Have More Questions - or Ready To Chat Details?

You can call me directly at 336-347-8636.  You are most likely to catch me Mon - Fri from 9am - 2pm.

Or drop me a line below, and I will reach out:

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